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I got off the conversation having made a booking for the German lady, and sat in my room for a moment. I then dashed into the shower and even got a clean shave, having shaved that same morning. For some reason I was actually nervous. I had never envisioned such an encounter with such an amazingly beautiful lady. As I sat I read about others’ encounters where they had met a different lady from the one that they had requested; I would not accept this. My choice in women has always been very specific. As 7pm drew closer I made the final touches and switched on the lights to make sure the lady was comfortable on arrival.

Shortly before 7 my doorbell rang, and I knew it was time. I took a deep breath, sprayed another generous amount of cologne and strolled up to the door. With the softest smile I could muster I swung the door open slowly. The angel behind the door smiled right back at me. She was even more stunning in person; the pictures did her no justice. As I poured her a drink I could not believe I had this busty escort in my room. As always I kept the jokes going both in English and in German to keep a calm air on things. Her beautiful laughter filtered through the room, and bounced back off the wall back into my waiting ears. “Inga, I have not been in this situation before so I’ll let you run the show.” I whispered to her as she leaned on my right shoulder on the couch. She giggled slightly and then assured me that she’d handle me well. The rest is history, a great memory engraved in my mind. I have seen this busty escort regularly since then for five years now.

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