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First London Escort experience

If you are a travelling man, as I used to be, you will find yourself in some of the most exotic parts of the world, in a massive bed but feeling alone. It’s very easy to let work and travel overrun you to such an extent that you become socially defunct. Take notes, I am speaking from experience. A few years ago I was a brand ambassador for my company, well-travelled and unable to maintain a relationship. This is what got me in a place where I thought perhaps I will grow old alone, with all this money that I was earning. One night I found myself bored out of my head in a 5 star London hotel, alone. I decided enough was enough. I could have gone out but I have never been one for the noisy clubs, surrounded with drunk and broke teenagers. I therefore armed myself with my computer and decided to get myself some company for the night.

After doing a few searches on google I found myself in the reservoir. I was surrounded by all these beautiful London Escorts. Money not being an object I perused through several agency websites picking only those that tickled my fancy, I narrowed it down to only 3 London escorts. All these ladies were from different agencies. I read through their profiles, looked through their pictures in an attempt to identify traits that could make one of these beauties, my ultimate London escort. Being a multi-lingual gentleman, language had to play a part. That narrowed it down to 2 ladies, one who spoke German and the other French. I also have a preference for natural breasts, which they fortunately both had, well from what I could see. However a picture does tell a thousand words, which is room enough to fit in a whole lot of lies. Then it finally hit me, there was also the issue of availability. These escorts were available to everyone, therefore not necessarily available this instance, the one night that I was free in London. I quickly picked up the agencies’ telephone number and made the call. The hardest part was that I had never done this before; therefore I did not even know what to say to them. When the phone was answered I stayed quiet for about 10 seconds, before croaking in my distinct accent, which girl I would like to see.

The person on the other end was very friendly and said they’d check if she was available for the night and get back to me. The same happened in the second call. Within 5 minutes I was informed that my French London Escort would not be available for an overnight stay, so I thanked them, hung up and awaited the second call. After about another 5 minutes the call finally came, Inga would be on her way to my hotel room shortly. I waited patiently, took a shower and waited again. My first escort would be a German, London Escort.